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Re: Headliner Leak? Roof Rack?

I replaced the roof rack nutcerts(?) on 2 of mine back around 2008. the new ones are dirt cheap online, and they use jlexible PVC-silicone? on them from the factory, instead of the old fake black rubber they used back in the day, which dry rots and looses its grip on the roof.

But I just found water on the front floors today from an over night rain on my Wagoneer , which has rust on the roof now, and rust working away at the mini-screws on the three middle roof guards between the roof racks.

I need to pull them off, sand and grind the roof rust off, seal the holes, and prime and paint it, then decide what to replace the roof guards with in case I need then again to keep stuff from scratching the paint. I need to do it right away before my not very old ceiling gets damaged.

The rain ran to the front of the headliner and drained down on the floor from there. A lot of rain!!!

I am open to suggestions on the entire process!!!!

Try this source?

If you want new jack nuts as they are called. I found a similar company earlier this year and bought a stash of them for about 30 cents. Rock auto might have them still. THis is the oem part number 34201672 for the new ones Mopar sold me in 2008. I think they are the ones used on all the newer jeeps and fit my Renix jeep roofs, IIRC they fit the same bolt thread and roof hole?

This is what they look like

Not sure that is the same thread size etc? If I find my old notes or stash with the source I will post them later. I posted them here in older threads!!!! You could call the linked site, they may know the crossover part number!!

Back to my issue, what is the best aerosol stuff for primer, sealer, and what order should they be used in for painting after I sand off the rust and seal my my roof leaks? And I need a good UV resistant top coat, etc!!! No time for a body short or funds, so I need to rattle can it, but there is ton of stuff select from out there.
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