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Re: Titan Monster 4.9 300 Cubic Inch Jeep Stroker

Originally Posted by Mudbath View Post
YEAH, let's push around a little girl, who's probably just taking daddy's and machanic's word for it. She's gotta be like 18-20 something, off at college in Gainesville --GO GATORS-- Daddy told her he would buy from Titan, because they had the best price and they're close to her. She doesn't have any problems because she's not paying for anything.
I AM NEW to this forum, yes, but it was recommended that I join. So I did. The first posts I see are trying to make a nieve daddy's girl look bad? Maybe she has a big mouth; most women do.
Come on. . . You act like she shot your dog.
XJ guys are better than this.
Grow a pair and get back on topic.
You obviously know nothing about Titan's poor excuse for a stroker......That or you are also trying to defend Titan. There is a lot of info here and a LOT Of good folks . Dont let this one thing make you think we are a bunch of asshats. Titan is well known for producing garbage. Just ask the multiple people who have gotten motors from them that were nothing but trouble. I'm not going by experience i am going off of facts.
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