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Re: 98 XJ build help - Armor & Lift...

If you know someone that can weld, you can do 2x6 1/4" steel rock rails that replace your rocker panels for cheaper than bold on rocker armor. I run a IRO 3" lift with 1.5" lift pucks up front, their full leaf pack with boomerang shackles for a total of 4.5" of lift.
figure on getting an adjustable track bar (core4x4, IRO, ironman4x4fab)
Riddler diff covers are nice and don't break the bank too bad.
I have a 99 on above mentioned 4.5" lift with 33x10.50 KM2s on stock alloy wheels, it rubs at full lock, but I can remedy that. mine is a daily and a weekend warrior. biggest thing for a setup like mine is not cheaping out on important parts.
if you do a t-case drop instead of a SYE just find a crossmember off a 5 speed Cherokee, they give a 1" drop w/out losing ground clearance.
a H&T SYE works good, some people bash them but I have not had issues with mine what so ever. a piece of advice, any bolt you take out, either put anti-seize or locktite on it, youll appreciate it when you gotta take it apart again.
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