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Re: 98 XJ build help - Armor & Lift...

I'd recommend front and rear diff armor, sliders, and a gas tank skid like you have planned. Plan on spending some if not all of your cash on black Friday and cyber Monday as a good amount of companies will have sales going on.

I always try and buy as much as I can from one retailer to save on shipping or at least factor that into the price of the items you're buying and where you buy from.

Before you lift the rig, take it out to Hollister stock but with armor and get familiar with what it is capable of. It will do a lot more than you think.

Front tow points are also a good idea and the Boostedworks ultimate steering brace stiffens the chassis while also providing tabs for shackles to hang off of.

Check out the Sierra Chapter for sale, lots of good stuff just posted.
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