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Question 98 XJ build help - Armor & Lift...

I recently bought a 1998 Cherokee Sport that is bone stock with ~ 113K miles. Aside from admiring nice rigs from a distance and reading random threads I am new to the XJ scene. In the next 2 weeks Iíll be draining and replacing all fluids. I also need to develop a game plan for which brands I should look at for the modifications I want to do and in which order I should do them to fit my needs and my budget. This is the main objective of this thread. Iím hoping I can get some help from the XJ community.

My goal is to build something capable of going off road for camping trips and some moderate to easy rock climbing and off road trails. Iím not trying to build a full on rock climbing rig. I've listed some trails in my area for reference below. This jeep is not my daily driver but I do plan on cruising it around town after work. I never plan to run anything larger than 33Ē tires and would be just fine maxing out at 32Ē tires.

Currently, my plan is to prioritize getting it trail ready by adding armor (TC skid, gas tank skid, rock rails, and Rear Diff armor), new tires and a lift in that order. I had a $1500 budget to get this done but I scored 31Ē tires and wheels, a TC skid plate and RC lower control arms and brackets (I may or may not use these) for $300 so Iím down to $1,200 for the rest. Which parts should I invest most of my budget in and where can I save money?....I anticipate having another $500ish dollars added to the budget at the end of January (tax return!!) for what itís worth.

Also, I am comfortable doing most mechanical and bolt on stuff but no welding. I'm new to this so all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Trails in my area:
Frank Raines OHV
Slick Rock
Lake Tahoe
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