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Re: radiator outlet temp to water pump

The thermostat that's in there is best of three Stant Superstat, measured in boiling water (opened the most and the longest).

Temps at the thermostat housing are usually in the 220 range but it spikes under load (see the MAX indicator on the 240 reading). At idle temps will drop. When I start moving from a stop light the temp drops from cold coolant rushing in (higher RPMs) but then climbs again because of the load.

Head has been cleaned, tested, resurfaced. Block was flushed. Muffler was replaced, cat removed (temporary), exhaust header replaced. Transmission was running hot (OD slipping) and was replaced. Radiator replaced last year. FlowKooler water pump and best Stant I can find.

Trying to figure out why the temps are so high.
my '91 beater rebuild
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