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Re: welder options for xj things, newb here

Originally Posted by MrSimon View Post
Your best bet is a local store. They will give you good advice on a machine that fits your needs and budget. They'll also set you up with tanks, tools, and accessories.

Take it home and start welding.
This isnít entirely true ó I have a local airgas that will just plain run a newb right out of the store

I know Iím late to this thread but let me make some suggestions

1st of Iíve been welding for 25 years ó never as a profession but I have made some money ó enough to have paid for my equipment

I started out with a Lincoln weldpak 100 bought at price club - thatís Costco for you young guys ó did a ton of work with that machine, easily weld 3/8Ē material with multiple passes ó That welder was around for 10 years ó remember that this was before the big box store welders ó they are just not the same as a welder from a welding supplier

Shortly after the weldpak 100 I purchased a miller 250G engine driven machine ó the weldpak 100 got me started, I soon realized I really enjoyed welding and it was time for a bigger machine but I didnít have the electricity required to run a bigger machine ó shop only had a 30 amp service

The 250g was a stick welder, mig welder with a spool gun, and a tig machine which could run AC for aluminum welding with the addition of a high frequency box ó I had it all, acquired over some time ó I still have this machine use it at that same location with limited power

When the Lincoln died I replaced with a miller 211 ó this is a great welder ó runs off both 110 and 220 and itís plenty capable ó weld exhaust pipes and sheet metal, then do 3/8 material with 1 pass

I also have a miller 280DX inverter machine ó tig and stick weld with it ó this machine is the cats ass

The point of all this ó buy the most welder that you can afford no matter if you can use it or not ó if you enjoy welding youíll learn how to use you machine ó donít outgrow your welders capabilities, grow into your welder ó if you find welding isnít for you, you can always sell quality equipment for very little loss

I would strongly suggest the Miller 211 as your 1st welder

I would also suggest a quality auto dimming helmet with a large window ó you must see what you are doing ó spend $200 plus on your helmet
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