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Originally Posted by 87manche View Post

gonna have a granny trans, deep rear end gears and not enough RAWR to make it useful for hauling round 5K lb fat ass jeeps.
thats why i wish it were cheaper...plenty of ferd stuff in the yards here. mostly i would love to be able to have a flatbed with a winch someday. i have plenty of stuff to buy before then...

speaking of buying things, as of Monday melissa will be going back to work. She will be making about the same as what she was before, but we will be paying for child care now. luckily one of her high school friends does in home care an is willing to take Kenna on at least for a short term and shouldn't be too tough on the bank. The good news is that once she completes her "training" she should be making more than she was before and the child care will be taken care of with that.
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