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Re: Engine Rebuilt

The Internet. 050, .50... close enough. They're hydraulic. They'll make it work. Chad at Golen said to use the 1.5 turns as a reference. From the time the rods hit zero lash I should only be able to turn the bolts for the rocker arms between 1 and 1.5 turns before it's snug. He said if it's outside of those parameters I should call him back. I am guessing that means the rods are short if it's not snug, or if it's snug prematurely (the only possible thing that can happen in my application since I didn't increase gasket thickness, nor does anyone else unless maybe they want to run a turbo with high boost and need to reduce compressions).

So basically I shouldn't expect much change in my rods if any since it's clear this block hasn't been decked and my head gasket is only .009" shorter than the OEM. I forget where I found out the compressed thickness of the Victor Reinz gasket. Once I did I never forgot it. I am guessing it was on somewhere.

I think the only place I went wrong was pre-pumping my lifters. I just checked the play on the 1 Melling lifter I kept (so I can dissect it and compare it to others in the near future) and it isn't too much different from the pre-pumped ones I had. Maybe it will compress more though since there's no oil in it. ?

I can't believe I used to use Shell Rotella 15W-40. I have come so far over the years. Thicker diesel oils do have higher levels (although not enough), they also increase heat as they hold it more. My engine used to get pretty hot before I encountered any issue. I could easily burn my hand on even the supercharger.

Oi, what cam are you running?

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