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Re: Cherokee Resurrection - Build Thread

Minor body work can be easy to tackle especially if it is in areas that are not structurally critical and are rarely seen. Repairing the inner fender were the radiator support attaches too just needs two hands, big hammers, and a measuring tape to compared the adjustments to the opposite side.

The first step to working on the inner fenders is to remove the outer fender. The outer fender is held on by eleven T27 Torx screws and a bunch of nuts that hold it to the wheel well lining. There are four Torx screws along the top, two at the bottom by the rocker, two behind the door hinges, and three in the front. Once you have removed all the Torx screws and nuts holding the lining on the fender should come off with some wiggling. Heavily damaged fenders may require damaging the fender even more to remove it.

NOTE: The corner bracket attached to the front of the outer fender is specific to the 1984-1996 and 1997-2001 models. Converting to the different style fender will require swapping this bracket as well.

Starting repairing the inner fender by gently tugging at the metal to feel where it naturally wants to move. Remember this is thin sheet metal and has already been stressed once. Too much force could causing more breakage. Use the opposite side of the Jeep for reference as to what it should look like. A mini-sledge hammer can be used to make large movements. After major adjustments take measurements to compare against the opposite side to get an idea of what needs to be done.

Completely removed left fender.

Reference - Damaged state of the inner fender.

After about two hours of beating on the metal to get it into a rough shape the new fender was test fitted. More adjustments were made after this photograph was taken.

The matching replacement right fender has some damage that needs to be addressed.
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