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Re: BUILD - 1990 XJ Wagoneer Limited

We took it to a mechanic for a quick run through since though it was listed as runs and drives it did not want to run and drive off the truck. So I pushed it into the driveway, then had it towed to our local mechanic the next day.

The main issues are the harmonic balancer, alternator, valve cover gasket (leak - shocker), transmission cooler lines (leak), and a new battery. Since it's there and saves me the trouble of disposing of a whole bunch of fluids, we had them flush and change everything. So for now it's running pretty good. It just seemed worth it to get it "at baseline."

There's a slight burning smell - almost like burning rubber coming from the front somewhere. I'll try to track that down when it's back in the driveway. Speaking of driving, overall it drives pretty good. The front end feels pretty loose, but no obvious issues with drive ability. Ball joints probably, or could be the pump itself.

Other todo lists are the A/C compressor (no rush), power steering pump, and a full tuneup. I'm going to try the Champion plug, etc. route I've read here since it's a Renix. Been trying to educate myself a lot before I get too far into it.

While at the mechanic they noticed a big rusty hole in the floor, so off to the body shop with it for now to get a full idea of the problem.
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