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Re: Help with leaky xj

clean your engine first with some kind of degreaser. Watch for leaks. I would, if you have not already do the oil filter adapter housing ( 3 seals / $15 from dealer ) valve cover gasket if you cant remember when or if it has been done. These are the easy ones to do. I think a good VC gasket is about $12-15.

Since you know you need a rear main, you'll have to do the oil pan gasket at the same time and I think it is 92 and up it is a 1 piece, not an earlier 4 piece style.

Mine was leaking from here, there, everywhere, and I did the easy ones first and gradually moved on to the harder ones.

But like I said, get it clean 1st and go from there. If your oil pressure is good there is NO REASON to replace the engine unless you have other issues.
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