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Re: How to Properly Torque the Cam Sprocket

Originally Posted by HttpWayne View Post
I have a 2000 XJ with the auto.

How do I keep the crank and cam sprockets in place to torque the cam timing gear to spec? I have an auto and even in 1st gear the crank just spins freely. When you're putting those sprockets on you don't have a harmonic balancer to use to lock it down to the sway bar with a coat hanger. How does anyone ever torque these things down?

I've always just hit it with an impact gun but I want to try to do it right this go around. I impact gun'ed the crank bolt as well since I had the engine on the stand at the time but I found it wasn't hard to get that bolt to come off, so proper torque needs applied.
This is my 2k. Use something as a "spanner" to hold the cam gear and "offset" torque the bolts(torque against the rotation, leverage is your friend).
There are several "webs" that you could grab on to with a ratchet hanlde.

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