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Re: THE XJ Dana 44, ABS, How-to thread (56K beware)

Originally Posted by xjman96 View Post
Another point, the D44 pinion sticks out farther forward than the D35. That means that the rear propeller shaft is forced farther in to the transfer case. To avoid that I used a propeller shaft from 96-01 XJ with 8.25" rear for a perfect fit.
Minor correction... transfer case output shaft design change was in 96. I learned through experience also that a 95-down style rear shaft and a 96-up style rear shaft differ in length by a significant amount, several inches, with all other drivetrain specs (axle, transfer case, transmission, engine) constant.

Originally Posted by xjman96 View Post
Off topic for a moment, the front axle knuckles get wear spots from the front disc brake pads. If that wear gets filled with weld, because they are cast steel, they will be so hard that will resist further wear.
I have seen info on this repair and considered doing it, now I really need to get around to it! Mine are notched pretty bad.
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