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Re: THE XJ Dana 44, ABS, How-to thread (56K beware)

Originally Posted by fyrfytr1717 View Post
Sweet, thanks for sharing the pic! So just to get the story straight for anyone wishing to follow your lead... XJ D44, XJ axle shafts machined to accept tone rings, ZJ tone rings machined to fit the XJ shafts, and ZJ sensors installed as part of the ZJ disk conversion?
If not, please correct me. Thanks!
You are correct on all counts. The shaft area was basically cleaned up on the lathe, measured and the tone ring diameter was opened up to match with .001" interference fit, I used a PVC pipe to install the rings on the shafts.
One thing I regret in this operation is that I tried to keep the Dana 44 axle factory and modify the small parts to fit it. I consider that a mistake because the axle flange is steel while the ZJ brackets are steel castings that become impossible to drill when welded because welding steel castings turns them diamond hard. If I had to do it again I would have welded the axle flange and drilled it to match the brackets. Assuming that I am right that the axle flanges are regular steel, I have not tested this.
Another point, the D44 pinion sticks out farther forward than the D35. That means that the rear propeller shaft is forced farther in to the transfer case. To avoid that I used a propeller shaft from 97-01 XJ with 8.25" rear for a perfect fit.

Off topic for a moment, the front axle knuckles get wear spots from the front disc brake pads. If that wear gets filled with weld, because they are cast steel, they will be so hard that will resist further wear.
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