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Re: THE XJ Dana 44, ABS, How-to thread (56K beware)

Originally Posted by SKJeep View Post
great writeup !!!

i did a sort of similar setup a while ago. It was a TJ with D44 rear, drum brakes and factory ABS so it had allready the tone rings on the shafts. We did rear disc conversion (using the conversion kit from Crown)

First i tryed to use ZJ ABS sensors, but they didnīt reach the tone rings.
(so now i know that the tone rings from drum axle are smaller than the disc ones)

We ended up exactly the same way - using the old abs mounts with welded tabs
A few years back when I installed a D44 and converted it to discs and ABS, I used the ZJ tone rings and the ZJ rear brake parts. They fit great. This is what they look like.

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