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Re: Pre-runner type suspension stuff

Originally Posted by clayman
I just bought a 94 xj 4 door auto 2wd and I am going to turn it into a pre runner. ive been reading alot about jeepspeed but i really dont like all the limitations in the rules.

here is what i want to do this summer (if i can afford it otherwise it may take 2 summers)...

1) Bumper to bumper roll cage with pre runner bumper and something on the outside of the back to mount a 33.

2) fiberglass in front and a bit of hammering welding and bending so I can fit 33s

3) completly cut the rear appart, even the door if i need. this will be done when building my roll cage so i can reinforce the unibody from all the cutting. since there will now be a large hole going into the back of my jeep i am going to build aluminum fender for the inside so mud and rocks and dust dont go flying into the rear of my vehicle. I want to fit 33s without a lift so my center of gravity is still low.

4) also when building my roll cage im going to build a shock hoop for the rear that ties into the cage

5) i will hopefully get 17" 9100 2.5in quad bypasses in the rear unless a friend comes through i will get 16" king 3.0 tripple bypass (for $500, he could be full of crap though)

6) i want to get 4" devers for the rear to pull that 17" of travel and also give me a bit more up travel.

7) for the front i am going to extend the 4 link so i pull about 22" of travel. im going to tie in the upper mount somewhere to my engine cage.

8) i hope to get 22" coilovers for the front

9) bumpstops

10) race seats and harnesses

11) ford 9" for the rear

ok now i have a few questions. what do i do about stearing? pulling that much travel am i going to have to make custom stearing or does someone make something like that?

what is the best way to strengthen the front axle?

i already put in M.O.R.E motor mounts and a M.O.R.E tranny mount.

am i going to need a SYE in the back with that much travel?

any other things i totally missed. there must be other things i need to do for safety and strengthening my vehicle.

thanks for the help

Your plan seems realistic and well thought out. Good luck.

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