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Re: Pre-runner type suspension stuff

Originally Posted by clayman
I just bought a 94 xj 4 door auto 2wd and I am going to turn it into a pre runner. ive been reading alot about jeepspeed but i really dont like all the limitations in the rules.

2) fiberglass in front and a bit of hammering welding and bending so I can fit 33s

3) I want to fit 33s without a lift so my center of gravity is still low.

6) i want to get 4" devers for the rear to pull that 17" of travel and also give me a bit more up travel.

7) for the front i am going to extend the 4 link so i pull about 22" of travel. im going to tie in the upper mount somewhere to my engine cage.

8) i hope to get 22" coilovers for the front

ok now i have a few questions. what do i do about stearing? pulling that much travel am i going to have to make custom stearing or does someone make something like that?

am i going to need a SYE in the back with that much travel?

any other things i totally missed. there must be other things i need to do for safety and strengthening my vehicle.

thanks for the help
You said you want to fit 33's without a lift, and you're going to get 4" lift rear springs, and want to run 22" coilovers in the front.............that info doesn't jive, bro. Get some more realistic design perameters. Like Dave said, 22" of travel in the front is a TON, and I don't know how you'd do it.

Yes, you'll need an SYE in the rear.

You'll need a custom steering link setup, probably something with an idler arm, to handle even close to the amount of front travel that you're after.
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