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Re: 2000 alignment issues

Most tire stores that perform alignments are helpless, clueless, and useless when dealing with anything other than a stock vehicle. You need to find a local 4x4 shop, or an old school frame and alignment shop with some gray haired old farts that know how stuff works.

On a lifted Cherokee, the front axle needs to balance caster against pinion angle. Typically you optimize the pinion angle so there are no drive line vibrations, and live with the caster angle at about 2*-5*. My 2000 has not been up on an alignment rack in at least 100,000 miles and the tires wear great and it drive/handles very well.

I would suggest you save money and set the toe-in yourself. Check for, or set, a decent pinion angle with control arms and call it a day.

The track bar centers the front axle under the body, you can check with a tape measure. Strap a short/straight metal tube to each tire and measure to the chromed shaft of the shock absorber on each side.

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