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Re: Pitman Arm Tie Rod End Boot Tears

Originally Posted by Black1990jeep View Post
Thanks both of you for the advice. My pittman arm I measured with a straight edge, it is six inches tall, outer face of gear hox end to outer face of tierod end. What is the stock pittman arm height, I can't seem to find it on the web, not even on retailers websites.

I got the track bar, tierod cross minimized as I could, it was way off when I bought it, handles much much better now. Good to know I can do more to get it better still.

Now for the squished boot.... What brand of stock pittman arm is used? Omix, Crown, Jeep dealer? I of course don't want to get another arm and find it too is bored to deep on the tierod taper.
Won't a standard arm have a more extreme angle making your boot problem worse?

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