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Crank, No Start, No Fuel Pump Priming, No Spark, No Gauges

1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 AW4 NP242. I was driving the other day and the jeep was running fine and then cut off with no warning. Wouldnít start back up but it would crank. The gauges donít work but the lights in the gauge cluster work. Also the electric fan will kick on every time i turn the key to accessories. I got it home and realized the fuel pump wasnít priming when I turned the key, but the fuel pump relay would click. So i swapped the fuel pump relay with the ASD relay, still nothing. Also checked for spark and it turned out there was no spark. First thing that came to mind was a bad ground, so i cleaned every ground in the engine bay, that didnít work. Next i changed the cps, that didnít work. And then i swapped the ECU, that didnít work either. Any ideas???

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