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Budget prerunner build

I figured i would start a half ass buil thread. I have wanted to build a cherokee for a long time and this one fell into my lap.

I knew I wanted the full traction kit so I ordered it minus the springs and shocks

The original plan was to use a 4" deaver coil in the front but after I put it together I didn't like the way it sat so i put a 5.5" rubicon express spring in.
Next was the shocks I put a 2.5x12" sway-away triple bypass on the front connected to a t&j upper shock mount

The picture was taken before I welded it in.
For the rear I did deaver springs and made a longer shackle.

I have 2.5x16" sway-away triple bypass for the rear that will tie into the roll cage. The plan is to put the t&j prebent cage in this weekend and mount the rear shocks. This is how the jeep sits now

The front axle is a dana 44 out of a South American xj that I put 4.56 gears in and chromoly shafts from ten factory.
The rearend is the stock 8.25 that I regeared to get me by till I build a 9"
I also did the Tom woods sye and a Tom woods driveshaft
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