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Re: steering box (DED)? ....squeakky haha

I have been rebuilding boxes for a long time and have done over 100. Steering boxes are designed so that if the hydraulics die, you can still manually steer. I have never seen a box disconnect the steering capability. Having said that, I have seen boxes that were run dry or had water in them that got very hard to turn, but that does not happen overnight.

Rebuilding is an option, but only if the core is still good. Not all rebuild kits have all of the bearings, mainly the pitman bearing. Some have been so abused that they are beyond salvaging. Another problem with rebuilding is that the quality of the seals available today is crap. I quit rebuilding because even with meticulous attention to detail, having all the tools, and tons of experience, I was running about a 50% failure rate due to leaking. Just realize, rebuilding a steering box is not only time consuming and requires some tools, but it is very easy to screw up a seal putting it together even if you have experience.

Rebuilds from Autozone, Checker, etc are all pretty much done by Cardone. Talk about a bunch of crap. Your best bet is to go with somebody like West Texas Offroad, or other well know rebuilder.
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