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Re: Which axles would you use?

Even though this is an old post, thought I would weigh in. I would sell the JK axles, and put that money into the d30 you have, and build up a junkyard Ford 8.8. 4.88 gears, good spicer u-joints, chrome moly axles and be done. If you get the right Ford 8.8 you get 31 spline shafts and disk brakes too! This is the route I took, even going over kill for my tire size. My build is more of a expedition build. I drive the XJ to my wheeling destination. I am also running small tires! 235/75/15s. I went with new gears, air lockers and chrome moly axles, good spicer u-joints with lock rings. No truss but would like too for the front axle and have the Cs gusseted. Would like to know what you ended up doing with your build?
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