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Re: Important

Originally Posted by seanR View Post
Cold 7.3s don't smoke a little until they are warmed up?
He was pissed because he dove an hour and a half.
Not in summer. Unless they've been abused or have problems.

Our 96 w200k lets out a little puff of fuel smoke (white) at startup.
97 w300k doesn't usually.
That's with sitting at least a week between startups most of the time, usually closer to a month.
In winter they both have the typical fuel smoke till warmed up.
Only time I've ever seen them smoke black was in Colorado with trailer.

My 30 year old 6.9 doesn't even smoke when first started on a summer day.

I'm assuming it was blue smoke from wmo? I'd be mad too if I drove that far and it looked like it was about to die.
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