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Track Bar and Frame Side Mount

I recently installed a Steinjager track bar that has a ladder bar adjuster, which I unfortunately didn't learn could be adjusted while still on the vehicle, until taking it off the vehicle (oops). I needed to make it longer to center up my axle with the frame.

I tried loosening the two jam nuts when I had it removed from the XJ and I got nowhere. I used a wrench and a heavy duty hammer. Nothing budged.

So, I went to put it back on the vehicle after learning about the ladder bar adjustment function.

Foiled again. I can't mount it back on. Now the mounting hole of the frame side bracket won't center with the hole of the track bar. The track bar is making contact with the interior wall of the bracket before the two reach alignment.

I've tried aligning both to top and bottom sides first and got no good results either way.

Could I some how have bent or distorted the mounting bracket?

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