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Re: XJ Dana 44 Ford Explorer Disc Conversion

Originally Posted by MoparManiac View Post
Did anyone have any problems using the factory knurled bolts on the housing that hold the bracket/shaft on? Are longer ones needed?

EDIT: Oh and what about wheel studs? Are factory ones long enough?
the four bolts that hold the axle + bracket + axle housing together dont need to be messed with!

ive heard conflicting things about the wheel studs.... however i run one with extended GC wheel studs, and 1 with alloy shafts + just the regular wheel studs that come with the shafts... the extended gc's are a bit longer, however im comfortable with the ammount of thread engagement on the stock sized studs, and nothing has broken wheel stud wise on either axle!
if i start breaking wheel studs, naxja will be the first to know about it.
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