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I have a bunch of 8.25 goodies:

29 spline alloy shafts (Dutchman), currently 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern
TSM disc brake brackets and rotors (5 on 5.5 currently)
4.56 Precision Gear R&P
Auburn Gear limited slip

Or of course the entire axle although my pref is to part it out. Maybe I'll bring this stuff even if there are no buyers and sell it to highest bidders when there is breakage on the trail :shock: .

I also have a set of 33x10.5 BFG AT ko's that have 80% tread and have never been used offroad. The spare has 50% tread. All five for $300. I'll bring 'em to Moab and you can mount 'em up.

I also have a crossmember (auto tranny) that is in good shape, as well as a spare D30 pinion yoke.