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Re: Overheating with A/C on / e-fan issues

Overheating at idle, in stop and go traffic, or on the 4x4 trails is typically a weak mechanical clutch fan.

The stock Cherokee cooling system, even when in perfect condition, is not that far from being overwhelmed. The engine compartment is very tight, and the AW-4 transmission tends to run hotter than most others. Both routine maintenance and preventative maintenance of the cooling system are critical.

If you suspect any of the cooling system parts are worn out, weak, or failing they should be serviced or replaced. You should also be inspecting for mud/grass/bug blockage of the A/C condenser and internal/external blockage of the radiator. I would replace the fan clutch, the e-fan, the e-fan relay, and the coolant temp sensor at the very minimum. The Cherokee fan shroud is required.

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