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AX5 interchange between early and late

Well I've seen quite a few of the old 231s go for cheap, seems like everybody wants the 23 spline, seemed like a easy way to bolt it up and get going.

But if you've got experience then there's not much of an incentive to screw around with buying anything.

But I don't think you'd need to swap all vacuum control crap to make the 207 work, swap the front drive shaft output yoke to the newer style and either ignore the vacuum switch or swap in a later switch with the plug, but I'm not sure what the differences are with later 231s they might not use that spot in the case for the switch, I know 91-95 some 23 spline do.

I do know the front output yoke swaps 231 to 207 because if you lift the old xj you got to source the yoke and front drive shaft from a newer year.

It will be a good write up when you get it sorted. Definitely be useful to some else at some point.

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