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Re: Important

Originally Posted by *89Laredo* View Post
Snowmobile clutch... I bet that thing is fast. I want it.
thorttle stop has already been discussed. It's a manufactured cart, dual disc brakes on the axle. He got a pretty smoking deal for $150. Briggs 11 horse I/C on the back. I figure about another $150 in parts to make it driveable again. missing a brake caliper, needs pads, random bolts, belt.

Originally Posted by POLAR_JEEP_04 View Post
It's just been since 03 or 04 since I've used them lol. I completely forgot I had them. Last motor swap I did I used a 12 point 3/8 and it broke the bolts
last time I needed one of those I had to go find mine. Bought, used once, sitting in the toolbox for 5+ years.
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