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Re: Replacing the Fuel Filter (Renix Era)

Originally Posted by mrpeepers View Post
is it possible to have an air bubble in the fuel line if you dont clamp it off?

Is clamping off the fuel a "must do"?

Much like burping a coolant system in the RENIX, is that necessary to prevent future fuel problems?



It's not a Diesel - gasoline fuel injection systems can recover neatly from having an air bubble in the lines. I've done probably a couple of dozen RENIX filters by now, I don't have hose clamp pliers (I only improvised one to see if it could be done - you are still going to lose fuel dropping the filter) and haven't had a problem other than a slightly slow first start afterwards, as the pump fills the lines. Cycle the key a couple of times before you crank (OFF-ON-OFF-ON-START, pause 10 seconds or so at ON) and you'll be fine filling everything back up.
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