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Re: Replacing the Fuel Filter (Renix Era)

Thanks for the reply 5-90 you knowledge has helped me out of many jams when searching through threads.

I wasn't planning on reusing the fuel aprox. 3 minutes after draining the filter the fuel went on an ant bed and I watched them burn while sipping a beer. But if I was saving the fuel that is a great Idea.

Good point on the hose clamp pliers that sounds like some good cajun engineering you done there. I guess I didn't think about other people not having them I couldn't imagine not having them now lol.

I actually thought about this hard I have the guage and relieved the pressure on my other waggie when I did the fuel filter. To tell you the truth I saw no difference really when I removed the outlet line. Fuel dumped the same way. Not relieving the pressure was more less a test to see if it was a step that could be eliminated and I feel that you can.

Gloves I need some lecturing on this, I hate gloves and hardly ever where them the only ones I will usually ever where are standard mechanics gloves and they are covered with lord knows how much goo.

I have no clue on where the fuel filter is on HO rigs. I just got reemed on my Motor Mounts, Oil filter adapter write up do to the fact that I didnt specify it was renix lol.

Thanks for all the comments!

Question for 5-90.. Looking for the specs of the two bolts that hold the transmission mount to the tranny. I know they are 3/4 wrenching head but I can't find any more about them. I just found out my wives rig is missing them
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