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Re: Electric Fan OverRide Switch

Originally Posted by DaffyXJ
I don't see that there is a difference....
1) tap into the 12 v wire at the electric fan. run 10/12ga wire to a relay, attach to pin 87.
2) Run 10 ga wire from pin 30 to battery.
3) Run ga wire of your choice (say 16/18 ga) from switched 12v source to pin 85 or 86 of relay.
4) Run similiar sized 16/18 ga wire from ground to your new switch, then from switch to the unused 85 or 86.
When you turn on the switch the relay passes 12V B+ to the fan and it runs. When you turn switch off, fan waits for factory signal path to send 12V to fan and it runs.
Oh sure take the safe route and use a relay.
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