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Re: Engine swap vs shop

Originally Posted by Anak View Post
The auto trans engine swaps that I have done have all been V-8 GM stuff, but I expect the XJ to be pretty similar. Probably 3 bolts out toward the perimeter of the flexplate. With the inspection cover removed you will be able to access one of the three.

4-bolts in this case, but yes remove the inspection cover on the front lower portion of the bellhousing and you'll see the bolts. Good advice on the string or strap to keep the t/c in place. Before you go to mate things up, make sure the t/c is fully engaged and seated in the transmission or you will damage the pump in the front of the transmission. When you put it in, keep rotating it as there are two sets of splines that need to engage. Per the FSM, the front face of the bolt lugs on the converter should be at least 1/2" below the front face of the bellhousing - mine was closer to 3/4". After everything is bolted back up, there should still be a little forward-back movement of the t/c - mine is about 3/16". If you can't get the bellhousing to pull up tight, stop and check the t/c isn't bound up by not being seated, or that you pinched the breather tube in there like I did.
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