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Re: Engine swap vs shop

The auto trans engine swaps that I have done have all been V-8 GM stuff, but I expect the XJ to be pretty similar. Probably 3 bolts out toward the perimeter of the flexplate. With the inspection cover removed you will be able to access one of the three. You will need to rotate the engine to get to each of the others. I have used a large flat heat screw driver to rotate the engine, using it as a lever with the tip engaged in between teeth of the flexplate, prying against the bottom flange of the block. A ratchet with a socket on the bolt for the harmonic balancer could work too. Probably easiest if you pull the spark plugs.

As you pull the engine make sure the torque converter is staying behind, and after the engine is out run a piece of rope/paracord/wire through a couple of bellhousing bolts just to make sure the torque converter doesn't get any ideas of its own while you are later working in the engine bay trying to improve something you see you have easy access to at the moment.

On reinstallation it will be easy to rotate the torque converter to line up the first of the three bolts, and then again you will need to rotate the engine in order to access the other two, one at a time.

This will probably look far more straightforward once you are actually looking at the situation.
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