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Re: Going Through a Beater XJ 4.0.

Originally Posted by Ecomike View Post
Torque converter bolts just need to be properly torqued and the threads on both sides clean first. Swapped my AW4 10 years ago, have not touched the bolts since then. But if I recall the problem is keeping the crank from turning while torquing the bolts? Two many job with one tool on the harmonic balancer bolt? IIRC

I agree with Lawsoncl, sounds like it was your real problem. But loose bolts and cracked plates are usually very noisy and easy to figure out.

Is the flex plate cracked?????
No flex plate cracks.

The bolts stayed tight for something like 25+ years. As I tightened them it rotated the crank until the socket was up against the other half of the inspection cover where the starter goes. So they were easy to tighten.

With 4 torque converter bolts, they were definitely the problem.

At least I get new rod bearings and a 3 angle valve job out of the deal.
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