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Re: Pre-runner type suspension stuff


As you know, I'm in the midst of picking shock valving right now myself. I'm leaning towards 275/78 in the front in a 7100 series, with the new RE 7.5" XJ coil. I think it should be about right. I think when setting up a shock for our dual use applications, we need to keep the much higher front wieght of our rigs in mind. We're carrying a good 100 -125 pounds more out over our front bumpers than the JeepSpeed guys. This kind of extra weight demands more compression damping. The second issue is rebound damping. I think rockcrawlers need more rebound damping to keep the rig from feeling overly tippy when a tire falls into a hole, etc. Third issue, we are generally running a lot more spring rate in the rear than a JS rig, usually because we are hauling a mess of camping stuff!

In summary, I think we need to shoot for both more compression and more rebound than a JS rig.


P.S. When you see the new URF "Super Long Arm" in action, you'll be too intimidated to even want to race back to camp!
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