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Re: Pre-runner type suspension stuff

Originally Posted by Goatman
I was wondering about stiff would become too stiff for trail work. There is a test of various remote resevoir shocks in the current issue of Peterson's. It's interesting that the stiffest feeling shock on the street is the Bilstein 5150 with 255/70 valving, not what you'd think was stiff enough for prerunning, but they are charged to 360 psi. The article said they were very compliant on the trail and good for pre-running. The ProComp Pre-Runners are actually good SAW's and they were not quite as stiff as the 5150's on the street, very good at prerunning, but not compliant enough for the trail.

Makes me wonder about how much shock tuning can be done with pressure as well as valving. From the difference in performance of the 5150's and ProComps, it would appear that we could run a softer valving for good trail performance but a higher pressure for prerunning. I'll be testing this out with the SAW's, since our's are starting with fairly low pressure. I should have the rear shocks on to do some clerance testing in the morning.

mad maxj, check out that article, one of the four shocks in the comparison are the new remote resevoir 9000's.
yeah, i've read that article, and just read it again a few minutes ago. most (all?) of the other shocks are monotube, but the RS9000s are low-pressure triple tubed shocks. does that make a big difference?

most importantly, how much are they going for? i haven't seen any for sale yet?

if they're as much or more than 7100 non-reseviors, than i wouldn't even consider them because I'd rather have perfect valving than a resevoir since my desert jaunts would only be a couple miles.
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