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Re: Pre-runner type suspension stuff

Marcus, talking about the shocks. The SAW's I got have bushings, not heim joints. Is this a potential problem for occasional prerunning? Unless I get out to a Jeepspeed race where I can run along with you guys, my quick runs will be much shorter.

From your shock specs, and those of the racers, it looks like you guys are running more compression dampening than the normal shocks come with.....100 to 115 in a Bilstein. What does this do to the ride, is it harsh at all when not running fast? I wonder how that stiff a shock rate would work in the rocks.

The rear of my rig, with the Rancho 9000's in back, was bucking in the whoops. Hopefully, the new shocks will damp more than the 9000's and eliminate that. Can that be controlled with shocks or is it mostly from springs that are too stiff? My rear springs, while able to carry a load, are pretty flexy and ride well. I use an MJ main leaf which is 5" longer than normal XJ leaves ( I forget how long that is).

I've already poked holes in the inner fender well on both sides from my sway bar links. My front bumpstops are lowered about 3.5", and I have 4.5" of up travel before the bumpstops hit, plus however much the bumpstops will compress. You have much more up travel than I do. With my tire size I would need to lift it more to get more up travel, and I'm not willing to do that. I wonder how much different it will work with a few inches less up travel.

My rear shocks upper mounts are in the stock location. I've looked at what it would take to run them up inside, but things are in the way, so it wouldn't be simple. I have 12" travel shocks in front and 10" in the rear. I get a little more than 10" of rear travel since the shocks are at a slight angle.

BTW, I'm almost finished rebuilding my rear shckle boxes. The captive nuts on both sides where completely ripped out and had been banging around for a good while from the looks of it. The compression of the bolt against the outside of the shackle box is what was holding it together. There were many cracks in both boxes that had to be welded up, then I boxed them in. I also welded the nuts to the back of a new plate and welded it into the inside of the box, against the frame (actually against the protrusion from the previously captured nuts). Inside plate is 3/16 and outside boxing is 1/4, so it shouldn't go anywhere now.
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