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Re: Replacing upper and lower control arms on a '96 XJ

For positioning the axle to install / remove the CA bolts...

Straps and a pry bar are a pain, and most of the time you need a third hand.....

An even easier way to rotate the axle, to align or remove controls arm bolts; would be to use an 18" or so pipe wrench and a floor jack. Your XJ can even be on the ground while doing this. Plus, you can do this by yourself, to boot!

Clamp the pipe wrench as close to the CA mount / CA you will want to adjust. Align the pipe wrench in the direction you want to rotate the axle. Once you have the pipe wrench biting the axle, put the handle end of the pipe wrench on the pad of the floor jack, and begin pumping slowly. Keep an eye on the rotation of the axle, you'll be able to simply pull out / install the CA bolt with ease, once the load is relieved. It's amazing how much finesse you'll have in lining up the holes.

As mentioned, be sure to do one CA at a time.
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