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Re: TJ Rubi front axle swap a good idea?

I have TJ Rubicon D44s in my junk. The front is basically a D30 with a D44 pumpkin and 30-spline inner shafts. The rear tubes are also weak but its a 30-spline D44. Tremendous aftermarket support for them. Yes hey have air lockers, and the rear has a hybrid torsen LSD / air locker that is awesome for a hybrid street/trail setup. But you need to use their compressors or build very-low-pressure regulators (~5 PSI), or else you will blow the seals on the lockers. The lockers are also supposed to be kind of fragile.

IMO if they are already built and priced less than you can build equivalents, you should buy them. Even if you don't want the rear 44 you can sell it to someone who does.
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