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TJ Rubi front axle swap a good idea?

Hey guys. So I recently located a set of TJ Rubicon Dana 44's on the local craigslist, and i'm wondering what the general consensus is on swapping Rubicon axles into an XJ. I currently have an 8.8 out back, so i'm more focused on the front- but if I can get the rear for a decent price I may go for it. As far as the front axle- I am aware that its a low pinion axle, and it also uses the same size U-Joints as my current HP30, but it does have an air locker and 4.10s obviously. I also can't weld and as far as I know this axle should bolt in. But overall- is it worth it? I really like the idea of having that bigger ring and pinion even if it is LP and obviously an air locker. It would also save me from a re-gear on the D30 come this summer. Additionally- don't plan on going past 33x10.5 so i know this axle could take it. Thoughts? Thanks!
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