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Re: Adjustable shackle and relocators

One thing to also take into consideration is the amount of lift that you get from a shackle is only 1/2 that of the length of the shackle, so even if you go from your 5" shackle to an 8" shackle - The maximum amount of lift a 3" shackle will provide even in a vertical plane- is 1.5" of possible lift. You are correct that you can actually decrease the total amount of lift by decreasing angle of the shackle - which in your Pythagorean Theorem c2 = a2 + b2 (2 denotes to the power of) that you messed with earlier and assume c2 is the length of your shackle a2 is your vertical height and b2 is the horizontal from the shackle mounting point to the leaf mounting point in a horizontal plane, you are increasing the horizontal b2 as you decrease the shackle angle and in turn decrease your a2 vertical height if you keep your shackle length constant c2. Bottom line, even with a 3" longer shackle you are going to get less than 1.5" of total lift. If I did the math correctly and at a consistent 45 degree angle a 3" longer shackle will net you 1.06" of lift. - Hope that helps?

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