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Re: 0630 vs 0331

Originally Posted by Dr. Dyno
On yeah, those heads are a bargain; Summit Racing sell them for $1400 bare and $1500 assembled, while Hesco sell them for $1850.
$1850 per head? Definetely a bargain!
I think I'll buy two of them, I'll keep the second one in my living room for decoration purposes :-)
BTW a friend of mine bought a pair for the V8 of his Mustang. After he put them on compression and performance evaporated.
It seems that even though they were listed as replacements, he was supposed to know that the chamber volume was not identical to the original, Edelbrock told him to shave a few thousands and use a thinner head gasket.
He even had the block shaved a bit. What a cluster....

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