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Re: XJ to WJ Disc Brake Conversion Advice Needed

I'd say with WJ Big Brakes, you are looking at $1,000 to $1,400. The cross over steering about $400. Also, you might have to either grind the calipers down for a 15" steel wheel, spacers, or go to 16" rims. On my first one, I had 15X8 rims with 2 inch spacers to get them to work. My present one, I tried 15 inch steels and they did bind. I have 16" aluminums rims for a 2000 XJ.
I would try as has been suggested, Black Magic brake pads, and make sure your rear brakes are working. Possibly do the KJ rear disc brake conversion. Also, make sure the surface where the steel plate of the brake pads slide on, does not have any dents in it. This is common on the XJs knuckles.
I have had my WJ knuckles reamed for the 1-ton Chevy TREs and have used the inserts. Mine is under. The TREs from Ruff Stuff, the boots are still good after say 5 years. Ones I got off of E-Bay, the boots cracked within a year.
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