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Re: XJ to WJ Disc Brake Conversion Advice Needed

Originally Posted by Da XJ nut View Post
let's not forget that the WJ uses 5 on 5 bolt circle like the JK does. So wheel swap is a must or using adapters. Just my 3 cents worth
That's not what you have to do with a WJ swap. You use a unit bearing from a 99+ XJ, or I think one out of an early TJ. I'd have to look up the part number. You don't use a WJ unit bearing.

You then use either a pre-drilled WJ rotor from Iron Rock Off Road. Or do what most people do and drill out a WJ rotor with the XJ pattern. It's easy to do and no adapters or change of wheel is needed.

However, some 15" rims won't clear the WJ calipers, so a wheel swap or spacers may be needed, but not because of bolt pattern. You can keep the same 5x4.5 bolt pattern both front and rear.
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