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Re: XJ to WJ Disc Brake Conversion Advice Needed

I did the WJ swap on my 99. I did a custom track bar and steering set up. Part of the benefits of doing the WJ swap is getting a better steering set up. That's one of the main reasons to do it and get rid of the stock weak components. If you don't want to change the steering, just put some better pads, such as Black Magic, and try that.

Long story short, you are going to have to address your steering in some way. The WJ set up is nice, but more work than you think. You have to weld on the spacers to the knuckle, ball joints from a WJ, proper wheel bearings, different rotors, and steering. Depending on the steering set up, you might need to address the track bar, too.

Sounds like RCP's set up might be the way to go if you're set on the swap. However, the Currie Currect-Lync is pricey.
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