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Re: XJ to WJ Disc Brake Conversion Advice Needed

Originally Posted by stleus View Post
Hello, Pick Pull is running a brake rotor caliper sale next week and I was thinking about doing a WJ front brake conversion on my 2000XJ. My XJ has a RE 5.5 long arm kit with 31's and I use it to haul around my boat. The brakes are really bad for my needs/ question is, can I just swap out my XJs knuckles/brakes for the WJs without affecting anything else. I don't want to change anything in the steering department. Will my current steering components mate to the WJ knuckles/ball joints? Does my lift play into this at all? Thanks

I already gathered the parts for the rear upgrade from a JK
Are set-up's are close to the same (RE5.5/LA's) running the WJ/KJ brakes. I run a factory based steering (Currie Currect-lync) in the stock location for about 5yrs now without a single issue.
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