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Re: Ignition Coil?

I had a coil issue with my first '98 XJ. I bought it and it didn't run. I tired to test stuff. I think I did check the coil. Finally, I just put a new coil from NAPA. Then it ran. Had an issue with my present '98, after wheeling. I did have an MDS coil on it. Probably had it for 5 years. It did have a spark when I took one of the grounds off. I replaced the coil and the alternator. Then it ran.
Now on my 2000. I bought it non running. I replaced about everything. Sensors, fuel pump, swapped the coil rail. I tried to check volts and ohms. Then I got some NOID lights to check the injectors. I had replaced the originals with 12 holes. The originals looked bad, rusty and cracked cases. The NOID light would light up after I turned the key, then retracts it. Just a flash. A guy at work said it might be the ignition electrical block. I bought one from NAPA, and after a few tries, it ran.
Also, I had a Gremlin that the coil would a act up intermittently. I took it to a shop, and when I drove it home, it ran great. Next morning, it would not start. Guy down the road, took his multimeter, a few measurements, said coil was bad. Replaced the coil and it ran.
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